How much does a divorce cost?

In most cases, divorce will be a tough process; one that can drain the parties involved both emotionally and financially. This means that as you decide to file for divorce, you should also think about the cost of the divorce. Whether you are looking to end your legal contract of marriage in an uncontested way, through mediation and collaboration, there will be a financial cost attached to the process. Generally, the cost of divorce will depend on the divorce method, where you live, the complexities of the case and the level of conflict or cooperation. Here are some expenses you are likely to incur during and after divorce.

Finances on Divorce

It is important to understand that a court of law will have the powers to make financial orders between the parties once divorce proceedings start. This is why you need to familiarise yourself with the costs associated with divorce. You may also want to get practical and constructive legal advice so that you are confident when protecting your rights and negotiate effectively.

Divorce Fees

Divorce costs can make the whole process expensive. If you are to make an informed decision and know how to go about getting a divorce, you should have an idea of what the costs are.

Court and administrative fees

One of the costs you will have to meet when getting a divorce or dissolving a civil partnership is court and administrative fees. Either you or your spouse will be required to pay court fees. This requirement is applicable regardless of whether you plan to handle the process yourself or enlist the services of a solicitor. However, the fees will vary depending on where you will be dissolving the civil partnership or getting a divorce.

Professional Services Fees

Depending on circumstances, you may have to pay professional services fees to forensic accountants and expert witnesses who come in during the process.

Legal Fees

Just like with professional services, you will be required to pay legal fees in case you decide to hire a divorce lawyer or take the case to trial.

In case a property is involved.

If a property is involved, there are a number of costs you will have to meet. These include refinancing costs, record deed fees and added hourly fees for a solicitor.

Financial Settlement

There are cases where spouses come to an agreement on their own and simply require a solicitor to draft a Financial Remedy Consent Order. This means that you will have to pay the solicitor for their services and a small court fee. Costs are likely to be higher if you need the legal expert to negotiate settlement proposals on your behalf.

If an agreement cannot be reached, you may have to go to court for adjudication. A fully contested final hearing will mean higher costs in terms of your solicitor’s fees and court fee.

Other Costs

There is a good chance that you will incur other expenses in the process of getting a divorce. Some of the costs you should be aware of including the costs of parent education classes, fees relating to early neutral evaluation and mediation costs.

Costs that come after the divorce

Even after the process of divorce is complete, there will still be other costs. You may be required to pay maintenance to support your ex-spouse. Depending on your income, the number of children involved and a host of other factors, you may be directed to make child support payments.

Some of the indirect costs of divorce will involve expenses associated with moving to a new place, living on one income only and the physical and emotional costs that the protracted process can have on the parties involved.

Know how to keep the costs low

Nobody wants to go through an expensive divorce process. This is why you will look for ways to keep all these costs low. Having a clear understanding of what you agree to, trying to ensure that the case is concluded fast and coming to an agreement with your partner will help to cut down these expenses.

The importance of working with professional and experienced divorce lawyers cannot be denied. Even if your divorce case is complex, the legal experts will handle the necessary paperwork, explain the matrimonial law to you and give you objective advice during this emotional time.

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