Fixed Fee Conveyancing

What is it?

Conveyancing is the legal term for the transferring of ownership of a property. Whether you are a home-buyer, seller or just looking to remortgage with a different lender, you will need to know how it works.

Although it is possible to do it yourself, the process of conveyancing can be very complicated. First-time buyers especially, will need help with conveyancing, as it incorporates searches on the property, investigation, assessment of draft contracts, exchange of contracts, completion and post-completion paperwork.

Why come to us?

Buying and selling a house is probably the single biggest transaction most of us make in our lifetimes. It can be a very stressful time, which is why it’s important to choose experienced professionals. At Robinsons, we have a number of very experienced staff that have been with us for many years. This not only provides our clients with continuity of service, but our people will provide professional and practical advice that helps take the strain out of the whole process. And we promise that your case will be dealt with by one individual from start to finish, unlike other firms where you might be passed from person to person.

Our reputation is built on our high levels of customer service. We might not be the cheapest but our clients know that the quality of our service far outweighs its cost. Although our heartland is Kent and the South East, our clients are spread around the country and we can deal with enquiries throughout the UK.

How are we different?

When people contact us for a quote, we will respond to that enquiry immediately. We also ensure that our fees are as transparent as possible, so that people know exactly what they are paying for. We provide our clients with the reassurance they are dealing with someone who knows exactly what they are doing, and can deal with any unexpected eventualities.