Clinical Negligence

Hospital Negligence Claims

We all have a right to expect the very best in care from our hospitals, but when something goes wrong the impact on our health and wellbeing can be devastating. Misdiagnosis, surgical mistakes and hospital acquired infections (including MRSA and C. difficile) are just a few of the reasons you might find it necessary to bring a claim for compensation.

We have specialist solicitors who have extensive expertise in dealing with this kind of claim which can be complex. Depending on the circumstances of your personal case we can advise on how to make a formal complaint that gets taken seriously and help you gain access to the records you’ll need to support your claim.

Medical Misdiagnosis Claims

If you’re suffering from an illness that was initially misdiagnosed or went undiagnosed completely you’ll no doubt be feeling let down and concerned about the impact of this negligence on your future health. At an early stage it’s important to establish what this failure meant for your condition so that if corrective measures are needed, these can be put in place without delay.

A successful claim for compensation will enable you to access specialist medical attention so the repercussions of this lack of care can be minimised. At Robinsons, we have friendly, approachable solicitors who have expertise in dealing with this type of claim and they will ensure your case is handled with sensitivity and empathy.

Dental Negligence Claims

Dental negligence is thankfully a rare occurrence with the majority of dental practitioners, both private and NHS, providing an excellent standard of care. If something has gone wrong and you’ve suffered due to delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or substandard dental work, we can help.

We will advise on making a claim to cover any bills for remedial work in the future and our specialist team will act quickly to access your records so your case has the best possible chance of success. Acting early can minimise your ongoing suffering and possibly reduce the amount of corrective work needed to repair any damage that’s been caused.

Funding your claim

There may be various funding options to pursue your claim. You may have Legal Expenses Insurance as part of your household insurance policy or your case may be suitable for a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win no fee). No win no fee agreements are particularly suitable for Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims and we can usually secure insurance to pay the opponents costs in the event of an unsuccessful claim. We will advise you on your most appropriate funding option at the outset.